About Us


Welcome to BombHats.com

Our mission is to provide artistic designed hats. We offer a large selection of pre made original designs. We also let you design your very own. It’s simple. Just upload your own image and let us get creative. The art will be styled by our Bomb Artist(s) based on our creative abilities. We try to keep the work clean and appealing for our customers. Our Artists are very talented and will give you the best work possible. You may ask for any custom color or feature, within the message for each product. We have the ability to work with most requests. There will be at times that certain requests can’t be made. We have the right to refuse or refund all of these requests based on our “Terms and Conditions”. We always try to accommodate your requests. If you are not happy with the final design, we will accept the original hat back in return for a new hat.

You can read more about our Exchange policy here. The art we create is custom and cannot be copied or used in any other way without the written permission of BombHats.com.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you have a Bomb Day.

Derrick Fadden
Bomb Commander in Chief